I’m about halfway through knitting my 6-12m Beyond Puerperium and I’m beginning to think it was not the best size to make straight after a newborn one. This thing is big. Babies go from that little to this big in under a year? Yikes. But anyway I still love that colour. I can just imagine my little curly dark haired monster in it one day soon. Next blood test tomorrow and then if it says good things the next 10 days are going to get real crazy.



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7 responses to “Aqua

  1. Crikey, it seems like you only learned to knit five minutes ago and now you’re making beautiful stuff like that. Cheers to you, you’re an inspiration.

  2. Im in love with that aqua and the Puerperium pattern may be in my short list of patterns that I actually pay for, so incredibly cute! Ive just got your email about the carrot pattern, ill try to write it down tomorrow and email it to you but if I forget remind me (via blog, I dont always check email regularly enough)

  3. Leslie

    You’re on fire!
    Big? My friend just had a 10lb 15oz baby girl! Caesarean luckily. Another friend is pregnant with high-risk twins who will be hatched at 26 weeks…
    How long IS that piece of string?

  4. bookwormbethie

    agreed, you are a knitting maven now! such beautiful yarn colors you always pick out!

  5. Oh yeah…they grow SO much in the first year and by 2 they are HUGE. When I look at stuff in my girl’s current size I can’t believe that it was such a short time ago that she was wearing teeny-tiny newborn sizes.

  6. Amy

    Wishing you the best!

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