Calendula baby balm

(My blood test results came back saying all the right things on Tuesday! Yay! I was able to begin my second daily injections last night and reduce my morning dosage. The symptoms have eased in the last couple of days and hopefully the new injection will help them ease further. I would really like my short term memory back please!)

Calendula Balm

After Ginny blogged last year about making calendula/comfrey baby bottom salve I decided it would be a perfect project to try so I scattered some calendula seeds in my newly planted garden bed and waited for them to grow. Sweet mother of…they took an eternity. Then about 2 days before they (and I) were ready to pick the entire garden got thrashed by a wind storm. Despite ending up a foot back from where I originally planted them they were one of the few garden survivors. I used Ginny’s instructions and it worked perfectly. The pellets I used were very light compared to the bars in the photo so the balm is lighter than I expected but it’s still balm. I left out (okay I forgot) the comfrey but might try it next time.

Since I am not having a baby until at least November I think I will give this batch away (does 2 small tubs count as a batch?) but luckily it’s ‘baby season’ so that shouldn’t be hard to find a recipient. The good thing about calendula balm is that it’s all purpose, not just for baby bottoms and diaper rash. It’s also perfect for the little bangs and bruises kids like to collect so I think this will become an annual project. I don’t know about you but around my house the adults do the occasional bit of wound collecting too. Dave looks like he’s hugged a hedgehog when the cats have finished kneading his arm. Hmmm maybe I better keep one tub.


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3 responses to “Calendula baby balm

  1. That salve looks lovely. Do you think it would work with other ingredients? I have some dried lemon verbena looking for a project…

  2. Rhiannon

    clever! I think I might have to give it a go too at some point – plenty of bumps and bruises in our house full of boys 🙂

  3. im so glad your blood tests were good and your feeling a bit better! Ive been thinking about you and how youre getting on with the IVF. How lucky that your calendular survived the storm. I was collecting seeds from mine the other day and putting them in the packet my original seeds in and notice that they can be sown in autumn as well as spring so ive sown some more. Not that its autumn yet but it sure is feeling like it lately! Your salve looks great

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