In progress

I am almost halfway through IVF…or am I a little over halfway? Well either way you know what I mean. The days are running together but I’m at a point where I can see the end. I have had some fierce symptoms this past week and none of them have been fun. I feel both mentally and physically drained. Insomnia on an epic scale, moodiness, constant tummyache, bad memory, it’s all beating me up! I’m so tired that sometimes my knitting progress is counted in stitches rather than rows. Before I began treatment I decided that even if it was a bit rough I could surely finish 7 baby items in 7 weeks. This is numbers 5 & 6 and now I’ll just be happy to finish one of them. And how funky is that aqua?! So glad I bought it after all.

(My first blood test is tomorrow. Fingers crossed it says what it should!)



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8 responses to “Halfway

  1. good luck good luck good luck good luck good blood! love love love the aqua, esp with the gray (grey?).

  2. Leslie

    Thinking of you.

  3. I’ve got everything crossed for you for tomorrow ~ hope that you get the results that you want :O)x

  4. Everything crossed for you- cant wait to hear x

  5. Thinking of your journey (which probably sounds weird and kinda stalkerish, but hey.) Is that a Vanilla soaker- are you enjoying knitting it?

  6. Praying you will have a successful IVF!

  7. Jen

    praying for u
    u know itll be so worth it in the end

  8. bookwormbethie

    I’m sure we’re all in suspense, how did things go. How are YOU doing?

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