Pollen Puerperium

Pollen Puerperium

Not particularly the best photo but man, I am PROUD of this little cardigan. There’s a whole lot of love knitted into it. That must be why it took so long – I knit SO much love and hope into it that I had to take longer so it would all fit. Yes, that must be it. That sounds much nicer than the other possibility – that I’m just bone dead lazy! First raglan shaping, first item of baby clothing more involved than a pebble vest, first time that I hit gauge exactly, first magic loop. I learnt a lot on this little thing. And it is hopefully the first piece of clothing my first and only babe gets to wear when they are born. That’s a lot of pressure for one humble cardigan! Oh and the sleeves are the same length, even if this photo says otherwise!



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6 responses to “Pollen Puerperium

  1. Jen

    very nice and I like the colour

  2. Oh Steph — You are getting to be such an accomplished knitter, and this is the most adorable little sweater. Your baby is going to be so lucky to have such a devoted and talented mom.

  3. I love the colour! And I really like the contrast of the dark buttons against it.

  4. This is absolutely darling! Love it 🙂

  5. Its truly beautiful! Only wish I could knit also…..

  6. Oh, thats adorable. It most definitely looks like a great pattern too.

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