Keeping busy

Baby clothes

I completely underestimated the mental effects of ivf treatment and have been caught offguard by how overwhelmed I feel this week. Luckily I had planned lots of crafting to keep me busy through the worst of it which has really helped. I decided to do a little sewing this week after seeing Rhiannon’s gorgeous little peasant tops here I had to make one. The pattern is here and is pretty easy but the instructions are a bit vague – it doesn’t tell you how long the arm and neck elasticĀ  needs to be! Luckily Mr Google saved me and I found a peasant dress tutorial (guess what I plan to make next!) with elastic measurements so I was able to finish the top. I left the elastic casings open just in case though. You never know what sort of chub monster I might have. The pants are the newborn pants from Made By Rae and are a free pattern – they are made to fit cloth bums too! I adore that pattern. I also made a pair of pants from another cloth bum friendly pattern but I didn’t do so well at those. Honestly, I didn’t know I knew so many swear words. A sailor would have told me to wash my mouth out if he had heard me, I was that bad. So for now I think it’s back to the knitting needles. I’d far rather rip out a few rows than have to unpick another bloody seam.



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8 responses to “Keeping busy

  1. So absolutely gorgeous! Make sure you are being kind to yourself! Rachaelxo

  2. Jen

    very nice I especially like the top well done
    been thinking about you

  3. Hey Girley,

    Beautiful work you’re doing here with lots of postive thoughts… you hang in there and have a truly wonderful weekend.

    hugs x

  4. Leslie

    Remember baby clothes fit for a parsec…and never make white pants past 6 months. I had early crawlers!
    Thinking of you and your innards.
    Leslie x

  5. hey, good luck with it all…
    swearing makes me sew too , or vice versa. so thats why i knit. although i just said bloodyoath three times and threw down my scarf- a lace scarf that seems to be taking FOREVAH and now i know why. ive been using the wrong needles. (just FOUR sizes too small, thats all.) ……….

  6. Leslie

    Update pls! How are you?

  7. Leslie

    Still having email issues…Try as I might I KEEP SEEING ‘swollen puerperium’. Not a pretty image. But quite realistic. I’ll go to the naughty corner now.

  8. I love it when you speak medical!!!!!!

    Hope you’re all having a dandy weekend so far x

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