One Storm


One storm is all it took to pretty much flatten my lovingly tended and ridiculously happiness inducing garden to a sad looking pile of broken and drooping plants. I never took a January photo, I never managed to capture my very first garden at it’s peak – simply because I couldn’t fit it all in one shot. The sunflowers were 6 feet tall and so close to flowering – all gone. The calendula I grew to make calendula baby bottom balm – shredded. The garden that was a few days ago heaving with plants – and food! – is now emptier. And I have to be honest: it hurts a little. So much effort (not to mention expense!) went in to making my little garden grow. And one day of wind and rain tore it up and left it looking pitiful. Luckily I managed to harvest the first billion butter beans, a single forgotten snow pea and a zucchini. The rain may have destroyed my sunflowers, calendula and bshed everything else but nothing short of a nuclear war will kill a zuchinni plant. And I bloody planted TWO. Why??



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2 responses to “One Storm

  1. Im sorry to hear, I know how sad it is to loose plants youve lovingly tended to, I planted heaps of broad beans when I first moved in to my house and didn’t get to eat a single one, just as they were starting to get pods they got what I thought was a disease so I had to pull them out, bye bye very first harvest here:( My veggie patch is looking pretty sad at the moment too, over new year we went away and had some ridiculously hot days. Im still getting some food even though the plants look like their on their death bed, thus no veggie patch pics on my blog lately! Gardening can be painfully unproductive but hopefull what you have left will do well. your beans, zuchini and pea look delish

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