Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny’s Yarn Along this week for the first time. I’m making slow but steady progress on my Puerperium cardigan. For the first time EVER I am bang on gauge. Which means…I am knitting a newborn cardigan that will come out newborn size! Newborn size means 6-8lb so I’m really crossing my fingers that I don’t go and have a 10lber who never gets to wear it. It’s taken me ages! And I’m still freaking about the sleeves, I’ve never done circular knitting before. Wish me luck and confidence!

Yarn Along

I’ve just started The Night Circus and am not sure what to expect from it. I waited for ages to get hold of a copy from the library so I hope it’s as good as it sounds. It can be so hard to find a really gripping book.



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14 responses to “Yarn Along

  1. Jen

    love the colour πŸ™‚

    hope you enjoy the book πŸ™‚

  2. What a gorgeous yellow!! I love this pattern, you will be fine with the circular knitting for the sleeves πŸ™‚ Circular knitting is great and you will never turn back πŸ˜€ Good luck for the IVF !!!

  3. It’s true – circular knitting has changed my life!!! Watch some online videos about magic loop method for the sleeves – makes it so much easier than tiny short circulars or DPNs. Love the colour too!

  4. Wishing you luck and confidence with the sleeves, but I’m sure you’ll do great πŸ™‚

    Love the colour

  5. What a sweet colour and good luck with your circular knitting, I haven’t tried tha yet πŸ™‚

  6. accountantgrrl

    That sounds like an incredible book. Good luck with the baby sweater.

  7. Welcome to the yarn along…it’s so fun! Baby knitting is the best. When are you due? We just had our 4th in October who was 8’10. LOL πŸ™‚

  8. Good for you about the gauge! I love it when knitting works out. The color is lovely πŸ™‚

  9. So glad you joined the yarn along! It’s crazy how often people are reading the same books. πŸ™‚ I think you’ll enjoy it.

  10. I love circular knitting. The color of the yarn is precious! Enjoy your pregnancy, its such an awesome time! Plus you get to make so much cute stuff and keep it lol. Thanks for sharing, Tricia CrunchyCatholicMomma.blogspot

  11. Aw! It’s so beautiful! And the little one will be beautiful in it.

  12. what a gorgeous little cardigan! Good luck with your IVF, ive got my fingers so crossed for you and your husband that it goes well and I hope you dont feel too bad with the drugs. Im looking forward to seeing your baby knits and doing a few more myself to put away for our future bub

  13. bookwormbethie

    LMK how you like ‘the night circus’ I had high hopes for it too, but I think after 50 – 75 pages I gave up and returned the book. However, the quote on the cover of your book, I’ve read both books by that author, the time traveler’s wife and her fearful symmetry, and quite liked both of those so I do recommend them!

    Oh how itty bitty that yellow cardigan is, it’s painfully cute!

  14. Please post again on your thoughts on The Night Circus. I’ve been leery to read it because of the mixed reviews, but I really like the author so I’d like to give it a shot.

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