Set for summer

We’re not having Christmas in our house this year due to some…personal problems. It’s much easier for me this year to just cancel it and stay at home without other people around. So instead I am going to celebrate the summer and enjoy hopefully our last one without a baby. Summer took its sweet time arriving but it has now and it is glorious. And to celebrate I have:

Yarn. Lots of yarn:


Zucchini! I grew food! The garden has exploded this month:


And todays new addition to the never ending ‘must repaint’ pile. A rocking horse! I only dropped in to the op shop to drop off a box of stuff. Dave gave me quite an unimpressed ‘look’ when I came out carrying this!

Rocking horse



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5 responses to “Set for summer

  1. Jen

    im thinking of you both too
    praying it indeed will the last christmas with just the 2 of u
    I just know youre gonna do wonders to the horse would love to see a photo when u have and that wool looks beautiful
    lots of love and prayers
    Jen xoxox

  2. Leslie

    Hey, Steph! Happy New Year! Sitting here eating lebkuchen alone and reflecting on what I need to change to live more and buy less. Bit of a list… 😉 Leslie xx

  3. Well I hope that is was a good Christmas just spent relaxing around your home! Sometimes those can be the best holidays! 🙂

  4. I LOVE that you grew food! Happy New Year!

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