Play oven


When I see certain things at the thrift shop I can’t help but snap them up. This was definitely one of them. I liked it so much I carried it home nearly 2 kilometres rather than wait two days to pick it up in the car. It was not my best decision ever – I couldn’t quite feel my arms by the time I reached my house. But I love it and am planning to add a fridge and sink to it to make a whole play kitchen. I’ve been looking at the ones people have made on flickr. Woah baby. People have been unbelievably creative! I am so inspired and I’m thinking something like this will be perfect. Although I will never ever be able to decide what colour to paint it. I never really think of making things, it’s always buybuybuy then I get depressed that we don’t have enough money to buy all those things I keep wanting. That’s next years motto planned out: Make more, want less. I’ll have to write it down. I never did write this years motto down and I’m buggered if I know what it is.



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2 responses to “Play oven

  1. Jen

    im jealous of your children to be
    they r gonna be so spoilt by their creative and greater spotter of neat cheap toys mama

  2. What a great find! May the new year bring your miracles and wonder!

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