My Roots Go Deep

Anyone who knows me knows I love the Wairarapa region just north of Wellington. I often talk about moving there. However the reality of the Wairarapa on a hot day soon shuts me up. Wellington does hot, searing, occasionally humid. The Wairarapa does it on lsd. So I’m a Wellington girl at heart. I know which streets to brace myself for on a windy day. Which ones are dodgy and which branch of Subway is the best. And I know that when it is sunny and you are near Civic Square you need to go see how beautiful it is:

Civic Square, Wellington

There is a saaying around here: You can’t beat Wellington on a good day. On a sunny day, ice cream in hand, watching the people go past….I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. And that building on the bottom right…one of the best damn libraries I have been to. Books, beauty and ice cream. All you need in life. Although of course ice cream is on hold for me right now. But I’m sort of, slightly, just for now, learning to like walking in place of ice cream. A friend and I did a local bush walk called Gums Loop Track. I even did it again the very next day with Dave. It’s no alternative to ice cream but it’s good for the soul! Although he’s still moaning about his blisters.

Gums Loop Track

Gums Loop Track

Gums Loop Track
(spooky coincidence…this is exactly what the place I saw in my mind looked like when I meditated many years ago)

Gums Loop Track



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4 responses to “My Roots Go Deep

  1. I love love the shots of the park/trail. You are very blessed indeed. I’ve never seen a sky so blue in a city shot and it makes me crave summers warmth. Take care!

  2. Jen

    what a lovely place to go for a walk 🙂

  3. Glenda

    What a beautiful place, Steph. I, too, love the blue-blue of the sky, and the park/trail is my cup of tea :-).

  4. Awesome photography ….

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