Garden update

IVF is now ONE MONTH AWAY!!! I start my prenatal vitamins this weekend. In the meantime life has just been ticking along. I reached the elusive 25kg weight loss target a month ago and have stayed above it for 3 out of the last 4 weeks. Rather than showing you everything at once from the last few weeks I thought I would do a garden update today. Because just over a month after I planted it my garden is still alive.


Early December garden. Leafy. Very leafy thanks to the rain but we need some summer sun to arrive SOON so the plants can start flowering. Well they are all still alive (minus a transplanted parsley which keeled over) and that’s far better than I have ever achieved. Need to thin the tomato plant (top left), plant some lettuce in that empty space, maybe remove one of the towering sunflowers (middle top) and trellis the snow peas although they are climbing the wind netting just fine for now. The egg shell and copper wire has worked well, there has been very little slug/bug damage. The only slow grower is the butter beans, they are only 5-6 inches high and they are a dwarf variety but still…we just need more sun. It’s been a wet couple of months.


And if you hate a rose bush on your property just get rid of it. Don’t neglect it and hope it dies. Apparently roses like neglect. It’s never looked more laden with shocking pink roses. That nutty old lady planted some weird things in some odd places.



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4 responses to “Garden update

  1. glenda

    Pretty green garden! And what beautiful roses — the color is fantastic.

    We have two rosebushes (that we planted) and I never fail to be amazed by their hardiness. Over 100 degrees F. five months of the year? No problem. Severe drought this year? No problem. Freezing temps? No problem. I always thought roses were supposed to be fragile. Hah!

    So very awesome that you finally reached the 25kg-loss mark :-). I’m so happy for you — I know it must feel a great accomplishment. Continued success, my friend.

  2. glenda

    P.S. – If I hadn’t already told you I started blogging again . . . I started blogging again :-). Come pay me a visit! (click my name, should get you right there).

  3. Jen

    wtg 🙂 all the best for the new year

  4. Sorry to hear about the parsley. The beans are doing great!! And congrats on the weight loss and IVF date – well done, you!!

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