Bonnet for a babe

Baby bonnet (Rav notes here)

This is my second try at making this bonnet. The first try ended badly when I made a mistake I couldn’t figure out – and it was about midnight so that didn’t help. I was three rows from the end. There was throwing and swearing involved. But it was probably for the best because it was too big and the yarn I was using was slightly too scratchy. So this time I cast on the number of stitches listed on the pattern and took a leap of faith. And lo and behold it came out exactly the right size. I left out the hideous lace and went for a plain look. The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in the Pollen colourway. I am not the hugest fan of Malabrigo but man it is softer than soft. I have plans to knit a little pair of pants to match then maybe a little white cardigan.(And I can report that cats look frickin’ adorable in a bonnet. And a little bit hilarious. But they don’t appear to like it when you fall about laughing at them. And they DON’T hold still for photos.)

bonnet back

And perhaps a little IVF update for anyone still reading my blog? Yes? We are so so close now. We start early to mid January. I had my final (everytime I say that there ends up being just one more) appointment at the fertility clinic a few days ago. My AMH test (it shows roughly how many eggs you have left) came back showing great results so the drugs I have to take will be low. I got my first drugs – the contraceptive pill. They start IVF with a course of the pill then you inject yourself with something that mimics menopause. Crazy! We apparently have to see a nurse at some stage to show me (us) how to inject the drugs. Dave is bloody well coming to that one in case I panic. I will have to inject my tummy every day for about a month. All for a 45% chance of success. Pffft. I told him if it fails he’s buying me a bloody diamond. A real one.



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10 responses to “Bonnet for a babe

  1. Love the bonnet. All the best. Have had many friends go through IVF. Some lasting five yrs but all successful in the end. My fingers are crossed for you……!! All the best.

  2. Jen

    love the bonnet it looks real soft and i like the colour
    my prayers r with you

  3. toastandcupcakes

    The bonnet is just lovely – especially the colour!
    And I’m so excited for you guys, you’ve waited so long to start this process. Can’t say that injecting yourself is exciting at all, but sooo worth it when it all works out and you’re snuggling the little one x

  4. Glenda

    I commend you for starting over after the throwing and swearing. The stuff you’ve been knitting these past months is all so pretty.

    About laughing at your cats . . . when Rodney and I were first married, I had a cat and Rodney liked to pester that cat. One day while R was napping on the floor in the living room, Kitty peed on his leg then went and hid underneath our waterbed, way deep in the middle between the underbed drawers, where she couldn’t be reached. When R woke up and discovered he’d been peed on by Kitty, he was more than a little perturbed, but I was laughing my a$$ off at the cleverness and patience of that cat, waiting for just the right moment to get her revenge and then getting the heck out of Dodge afterwards. That’s my favorite cat story ;-).

    Yep, IVF time *is* just around the corner!! I’ll be thinking the good thoughts.

  5. Love the bonnet, I love seeing all the beautiful things you craft on your blog but mainly I check into see how your baby journey is going. ( and also to see pics of your cats in clothes hahaha !) I Wouldnt know you if you walked past me on the street but when you become a mum I am going to be so joyful for you both. Kate

  6. I am very impressed with all knitting as I’ve never made it past the casting on, lol. I know you’re going to be a great mom and wishing you the smoothest IVF process. I’m praying and play on praying until the day you post your first baby photos. 🙂

  7. Thats great that your IVF is not far away, I have my fingers crossed for you! Ive been scared at the possability of needing IVF because im scared of needles etc. but recently weve had a break from “trying” to get pregnant and with all the stress gone for a bit its given me the chance to think of medical intervention as something I might like to do rather some thing scary ill have to do. I feel a lot more at peace with the idea of it. I love the yellow bonnet, soooo cute!! Ive been buisy searching my house and finally found a waldorf doll head that your welcome to. Seems it would have to go in a parcel I thought perhaps we could make a summer ornament to swap also, If you have the time to make something that is, christmas is sneaking up quickly!

  8. I’ll be sending good wishes your way for the easiest and most successful IVF cycle that can be. I hope to see a sweet little head wearing that yellow bonnet soon!

  9. Oh how cute! Best wishes for everything that is going on….

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