Waldorf school toy and craft fair 2011

The local Rudolph Steiner/Waldorf school Raphael House had their annual food, toy and craft festival this past weekend and for the second year in a row I had a stall. It’s really a perfect fit – all my felt toys and Waldorf patterns after all. Last year I did really well. This year I did really well and had very little stuff left. As usual it was funny the things that were in demand – it’s never what I think is the cutest.

The Christmas room. It smelt amazing and I love having my stall right outside it:

Waldorf school festival 2011

The parent craft room – I had to take a photo of it before it filled up. It is always filled to capacity with people by the time I get to it during the fair:

Waldorf school festival 2011

The blackboard in Class 1:

Waldorf school festival 2011

Fuschia ornaments – sadly long gone by the time I went back to buy one. Ironically I have a fuschia bush outside my front door that I am waging war on. It grows back practically overnight. Yet craft it’s flowers out of beautiful felt and I’ll happily pay money for them! Crazy woman!

Waldorf school festival 2011

My rather restrained purchases:

Waldorf school festival 2011

Sadly the wooden toys I waited all year to buy more of from the parent craft room hadn’t arrived for the fair so I settled for some handspun merino and handmade toadstool needles. They were parent made but one parent did tell me that the Year 3 kids make knitting needles to gift to the Year 1 kids who will be learning to knit that year. So the needles have a special meaning to me. Plus they are just bloody cute. The lamb and toadstool are just because I have no restraint when I have money in my hand.



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4 responses to “Waldorf school toy and craft fair 2011

  1. I want to see a photo of your stall!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell me you took one!

  2. Jen


    arent those Fuschia ornaments neat 🙂

    cool knitting needles

    and yes Id like to see a photo of your stall too

  3. Those needles are very cool!

  4. Hey, that’s wonderful that you did *really* well this year!! The needles are adorable, as are the lamb and toadstool.

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