First garden

When we bought the house in March last year it was late summer so we didn’t put in a garden. We weren’t organised enough to do it at the end of last year either. But finally after costing us approximately 80 bajillion dollars for the beds, dirt, stakes, poles, seeds and anything I missed the first bed of our first garden is IN.

Our first garden

This is such a huge accomplishment for me. We put up anti-cat netting and ran a string of copper wire around the top of each bed to try keep out slugs and snails naturally. Although if that fails I have slug pellets read for them. We have a cherry tomato (that droopy thing in the back left, it got a bit bashed by the wind), parsley from Angela who I met yesterday plus zucchini, butter beans, two types of cucumber, snow peas, sunflowers and calendula (which I don’t think survived the transplant so I sowed more seed too). I waited a little bit too long to plant them out so I may have some casusalties from the shock because I wanted the wind to drop. But a month in and it hasn’t. This is spring in Wellington. Rain then wind and rain then just wind. So I can only cross my fingers and hope they survive the slugs, wind, cats, transplant shock etc. I still have a bed of tomatoes and lettuce to plant out but they were delayed due to user error and are still too small. But there are 21 tomato seedlings alone so give it a month or two and I will be whining about how they are now too big! I can’t wait to make stir fry mix and pasta sauce and all sorts of yummy salads soon!


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5 responses to “First garden

  1. yay, I look forward to seing your garden as it grows:)

  2. Jen

    well done

    I hope it harvests lots of yummy food for you

  3. Glenda

    Awesome, Steph!!! We started with one raised bed three (or four?) years ago, and now have three. They’re not huge, but are more than enough for us. The initial investment is hard on the wallet, but you don’t have that outlay every year :-).

    I can’t wait to see how your garden grows!

  4. Its’ been too long Steph! I’m excited for you about your garden. Take care and I’ll be popping by more regularly. 🙂

  5. very happy to see you starting this
    and at the same time it feels weird as in november everythin is dying here… beer & ashes are good against slugs… but if it rains too often…
    good luck to your babies and enjoy

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