Rainbow horsie

Rainbow horsie

A year ago at the local Waldorf school fair I had a stall and I ran into the lovely lady who bought my very first hobby horse about 18 months earlier and asked her if it had survived. Cos you know – handstitching, PVA glue and a toddler….but she said that it was still around and was ridden every day and called Rainbow Horsie. Awwwww. That is why I make toys, you know? The aww factor is my biggest reward. I have no plans to make any more hobby horses but this little softie is in honour of Rainbow Horsie and it’s little rider and it will be for sale at this years Waldorf school fair next month.



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5 responses to “Rainbow horsie

  1. I love Rainbow Horsie!

  2. Your rainbow horsie is awesome. I hope you sell heaps of stuff at the fair!

  3. Jen

    very cute
    you maybe interested in my latest post

  4. roimata

    When is the fair? I’ve tried to find out online, but can’t find any info

  5. bookwormbethie

    i swoon for this horsie! you always make beautifully crafted toys for wee little hands.

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