Grumpy Bear

It’s Spring here. Actually I should say that again the way I mean it: IT’S BLOODY FANTASTIC SPRING HERE!!!! Not only is Winter gone for the next 7 or 8 months (and good bloody riddance to it) but it’s finally Spring. The Spring winds are here (how did I forget about those?) which can make for an interesting hairdo when I’m out walking but I don’t care. I have Grumpy Bear Syndrome and that’s all that matters. You know when a bear emerges from hibernation and they’re hungry and feisty and you best avoid them? Yep, that’s what I have. Except for me rather than making me want to rip you to pieces it means my crafting mojo has returned just in the nick of time.


I just about went crazy this winter with one project after another getting abandoned or turning out badly. It was really depressing for a while. But now…I have a stall at the local Waldorf schools craft and toy fair in 7 weeks, the only fair I will be doing for a while so I want to go all out. Plus the more I sell there the more I can spend there. I look forward to it all year. And Dave’s sister has asked me to make her 80,000,000 strings of bunting for her wedding. And source the fabrics. And the wedding is two days before the fair and I can’t find a bloody green fabric. Guess who is panicking? And I just volunteered to make a  bag for someone in exchange for her left over prenatal vitamins. What was I thinking? She let me hold her baby and I just lost my senses and offered. And just like the picture suggests I cast on for a personal project too. I am easily swayed by rainbows and the rainbow merino yarn was just too much to resist. Sleep is optional right?

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  1. Jen

    praying you get all you want done
    and YAYE spring is here and summer is on the way 🙂

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