Sowing the seeds

I potted up all the seeds for our first garden today. A lot of people might laugh at me and take growing stuff for granted but not me. I have killed a LOT of plants in my life – a cactus (who kills a bloody cactus?), orchid, Ficus bush, camellia, catmint, raspberry plant, tomatoes, strawberries (even an idiot should be able to keep THEM alive!) and two lemon trees. But deep down I still nurtured a little hope that I could grow something one day. I have a garden shed full of random seed packets and bags of various soil improvers that I never could stop buying. I subscribe to NZ Gardener magazine. I ignore the fact that my garden beds are so overgrown I have to mow them before I can weed them.

Starting a garden

And then a friend gave us 2 little tomato seedlings last month. One died. No surprises there. But something strange happened. The other one lived. And it even grew! It grew true leaves and started to smell like a tomato plant. I began to entertain the possibility of a garden this summer after all. And then I remembered the garden centre gift voucher we got last Christmas. And so yesterday I bought seeds. And today – in the same weekend as I bought them – I planted them. This is huge people. I planted 4 types of tomato, 2 cucumber, 2 beans plus one each of zucchini and lettuce. I planted calendula seeds too to make my own calendula salve. I even ran out of pots before I got to the sunflowers and catmint. I ran out of pots. Which is like Joan Rivers saying she’s had enough plastic surgery. You just never think that it is going to happen.

I have plans to can up a whole bunch of pasta sauce, pizza sauce, stir fry vege mix and of course make that calendula salve – it’s good for baby bums you know and, as you all know, by the time this garden is all tuckered out and canned/frozen/eaten I plan to be pregnant. Next year I hope to be able to plant an extra garden bed – the baby food bed. It’s a hope I nurture fervently but right now I’m just going to concentrate on one of each seed I planted making it through to fruition. Baby steps.



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2 responses to “Sowing the seeds

  1. Jen

    all the best
    you sound like me

  2. you want some parsley?? Because i’ve got acres of parsley, and they liketo be with tomatoes, and tomatoes like them back. Just let me know …

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