Rainbow bunting

Rainbow bunting

The flags sat around for nearly 5 months waiting for me to learn how to pick up stitches and be able to finish it the way I wanted. Eventually I just admitted that to learn the technique I would have to actually try the technique. I learned to pick up stitches and relearned how to cast on at the end of the row so I could make the cord the way I wanted. And what do you know, it was easy after all. And now I have pretty rainbow bunting that makes me happy to look at. I am never too old for rainbows.

Rainbow bunting

(tutorial from here)



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7 responses to “Rainbow bunting

  1. Gorgeous…..I’m going to ‘Pin it’. J.x

  2. I am totally in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this. So making one.

  3. This looks fab, you can’t beat rainbows and you can’t beat bunting!

  4. vic

    This is amazing, I’m generally really over the whole fabric bunting thing. But knitted bunting, this is awesome!

  5. I so want this for myself, I love bunting. 🙂

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