With the arrival of (nearly) Spring I feel like I am beginning to come out of hibernation. I’m starting to come off auto-pilot more and more frequently and to engage my brain again. So I hope if I still have any blog readers left you will leave a comment to say hi (so I know I’m not talking to myself!) and bear with me while I feverishly knit my way through the crafting backlog. I have lots to share over Spring!

January and our IVF cycle is coming closer by the day and I think of it more and more. There is no reason why it won’t work although the occasional small doubt does take root. As yet another friend gets pregnant, another one gives birth or another one adopts I feel so happy for them but at the same time it burns inside. The internal battle of it should be me fighting to the death with I’m so happy for them. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other. But the tears dry, the mood passes and I know that one day it will be me. There’s just no way it could not be me eventually. I’m anti-depressent free and feeling good, have hit a record new weight loss (24.8kg lost!) and have every reason to keep hopeful.

A visiting neighbour

Dave’s sister has a gorgeous new house and has a friendly neighbouring chicken. It has me pondering the possibility of us having a few. Home laid eggs…mmmm. I wonder what the cats would think.



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4 responses to “optimistic

  1. Jen

    hi my friend
    my computer had a few gliches so Im a day late but Im here luv you

    and yaye its Spring 🙂 well almost

    praying for you as always 🙂

    and good news re the good feelings and weight loss 🙂

    Ive thought about chickens for a year or so sweet

  2. Well done! I’m sure the time will pass quickly – after all Christmas is in between!

  3. You’re ready for Spring, while Fall won’t get here soon enough for me!! It’s been SUCH a hot and dry summer for us — hotter than usual and drier than usual (“severe drought” is the appropriate phrase). It will be nice to get outdoors during the day without melting and to have the feeling of coolness in the breeze.

    That’s awesome that you’re maintaining your weight loss, and that you’re anti-depressant-free. Both are accomplishments of which to be proud, especially since it’s winter there.

    We’ll be ordering our laying hens at the beginning of September :-). It’ll be a while before they start laying, but I cannot wait!!

  4. ooh I love chickens – we have four and the are so cute! I love the eggs too – so fresh and tasty (I’m sure they are tastier than the store bought ones). We have two pretty ones and two that just get on with the job of laying fabulous eggs. I call them my french chicks because their names are: claudia, giselle, lisette and sabine 🙂

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