Winter Wonderland

Power outage

New Zealand has been hit by a freak snowstorm and parts of the country that don’t get snow are getting snow. Serious snow. Not Minnesota snow but yeah, enough to cause a mass flurry of cameras snapping and kids woohooing. It’s my first time to see snow and it’s very pretty to watch it falling. It is NOT however even remotely nice to walk in when you are not well equipped. Lesson LEARNT. We’ve also had thunder and lightening directly over us, a cat that would not come out from under the house (hence most of the wet foorwear and two power outages yesterday night. Maybe more tonight. Thank goodness for our earthquake kit. It’s pretty spartan but the candles got us through. As did my fetish for thrifting blankets just in case. I told Dave they’d be useful….





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5 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Hey, how exciting!!! I love that the first time you see snow, it’s when you’re living in a house you own — what a great memory in so many ways :-).

    Bummer about the power outages, but thank goodness for candles & blankets . . . and a hunny and 4-legged family members to provide additional warmth!!

    It doesn’t snow here often, and when it does it’s usually only an inch or two. But it’s still beautiful, and it shuts down the city temporarily, which makes for the most tranquil quiet you’ll ever hear.

    Happy Snow Day!!

  2. Leslie

    Hope you have a fire! Ours is going non-stop though if it snowed in coastal Hawkes Bay there would be something REALLY wrong… I wonder how all the people who were told heatpumps were the answer are getting on when the power stops? Keep warm- and think nice thoughts about the poor souls in Christchurch with no plumbing, fires or electricity.
    Selfishly hoping my boy’s hockey game and soccer practice are off today. Hunkering down! L x

  3. brrrrrr! Hasn’t it been freezing, we didn’t get any snow at our place but nearby there was snow.
    I HIGHLY reccommend the gardening book I talked about on my blog. Square foot gardening plans, all laid out for you, such a simple easy and quick way to get a new garden going. I’m using the plans and tweaking them here and there to fit into my existing garden beds – it’s fabulous.

  4. Wow. It must be so different for so many people. Snow, where one does not get snow. Geez.

  5. Re the toms – oh yes! me too, totally doing it this year!
    And re the fertiliser – you could look online maybe for some less stinky recipies – maybe just a seaweed only brew? – your toms will love you for it 😉

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