I. Hate. Winter. Loathe it. I get Seasonal affective disorder in the worst way. So I’m trying really hard to keep busy when I’m not wallowing in pits of misery. I’m drawing up plans for our very first garden to be planted the second spring arrives, stripping the kitchen cupboards with a heat gun (so fun!) ready for repainting the second spring arrives (finally that pink really IS going!), cutting out toys with the scroll saw, preparing to strip the wallpaper in the future nursery – which currently looks like this:


I’m actually starting to get giddy – the pink is going from the kitchen cupboards and that bloody dayglow painted wallpaper is next! We’re going to have a garden! Me growing things! Me trying to grow things! I’ve spent a lot of time lately feeling really lazy but actually I see now that I’m planning. That lying in front of the heater is actually very important work. Well thats my argument and I’m sticking to it.



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4 responses to “Planning

  1. I love planning home improvement projects. Carrying them out, is another story. ; )

  2. Jen

    roll on Spring and Summer

    youre a busy beaver

  3. I’m not a winter person, either. There’s nothing I like about it, and the fact that there’s less daylight just caps off the suckiness of it.

    And even though we’re on our 62nd day of temps over 100 degrees F, I’m STILL not wishing for cold weather.

    Planning a garden is So. Much. Fun.!! I’m so happy for you that you live somewhere now where you can grow some of your own food. Just tonight I ate the last of our homegrown carrots and am now bemoaning the fact that it’s too stinkin’ hot to start a fall garden ;-). We buy some things as starter plants, and others we grow from seed — growing from seed is our favorite, though! And be sure to grow some herbs — even if you don’t use them all, the smell is wonderful. (We planted rosemary in our front flowerbed 4 or 5 years ago and that stuff is HARDY. It survives the winter, and it’s surviving the record-setting heat & drought we’re having. And when we accidentally brush up against it, it releases such a beautiful aroma. I just wish thyme was that hardy!!

    Have fun with the cabinets and wooden toys and wallpaper!! (You will LOVE getting that wallpaper off, because then the wall becomes *your* blank canvas.)

  4. All that planning is awesome and the results will be spectacular! Rachaelxo

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