We told my gran about our upcoming IVF (if 6 months to go counts as upcoming?) since she’s in her 80’s and well…she may or may not be around when we finally have a baby. So she surprised me with a parcel of ‘Granmade’ baby knitting! It appears she wants a great grand daughter judging by the pink. And apparently there’s more to send but she’s a bit chicken about doing a crochet border. I’m so happy I come from a family of knitters and that even if my gran may or may not be around much longer another generation will get to wear her handmades. Although I might have to get the pattern for that jersey just cos I have a feeling we’ll have a boy (my family has SO many girls and one boy).



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8 responses to “Granmades

  1. Jen

    bless your gran
    LOVING the jumper

  2. bookwormbethie

    what treasures! i certainly hope your gran’s health will stay good and she can see your someday bundle of joy.

  3. Leslie

    IVF throws more boys, I think… but I also think he could wear the jersey without his todger falling off, LOL!
    How lovely. Things people MAKE for YOUR baby are the most special of all. Love in every stitch…
    Hope you’re enjoying the Winter- I must admit it has been really mild here. And at least now the days are getting longer. I think the dark is worse than the cold. Hope all going well with you. 🙂

  4. Adorable, Steph, just adorable :).

  5. Jan

    How special! Sending you lots of baby dust your way.

  6. Aww…what a sweet Grams you have!

  7. Gorgeous, love the stripes! Rachaelxo

  8. Adorable!
    My grandma kept giving things away when she turned 80. No point in keeping things she didn’t need if she wasn’t going to be around. She lived to be 93 🙂

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