Pebble Vest

First Pebble vest

I meant to show off this little vest ages ago but buying the buttons unexpectedly turned out to be a torture of epic proportions. And crazy expensive. Don’t tell me that little buttons the size of a rat poop really cost that much. But here it is in it’s super soft, gender neutral, slightly long and thin sweetness. Pebble vests are known to be highly addictive and now I know I can make one fairly quickly I plan to make many more. But not just yet. The button buying torture still haunts me.



Filed under knitting

3 responses to “Pebble Vest

  1. I can’t believe I’m seeing this piece of gorgeousness from a lady who, not long ago, couldn’t knit!!! It is lovely! x

  2. Jen

    its so so cute!!!!!!!!

  3. Yep, you’re a knitter 🙂 I love this vest, simple sweet knits are perfect for babies.

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