Other than the usual dramas (injured kitty, winter rain and random cat vomit) this weekend has been good and it’s only Saturday. So hopefully I’ll get another day of awesome things tomorrow.

There’s been thrifting – a childsize rocking chair. I have been looking for one halfheartedly for a couple of weeks and it got donated to the thrift store just as I arrived there this morning. Meant to be or what?


And knitting – a Pebble vest, my first one. I wanted to try one for ages but got a bit intimidate. As usual once I got started the pattern is easy (as long as I pay attention) and so stinking cute. I’ll show it to you when I finish it next week.


There’s also been notknitting. This scarf I started a while ago keeps reminding me that it’s winter now and I really could do with a new scarf. But seriously, 6 feet of rib? What was I thinking? I hate ribbing!


And sewing – vintage embroidery bunting. There will be 4 or 5 coming to my woefully abandoned etsy shop soon. I had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing!



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5 responses to “Weekending

  1. Jen

    what happened to you kitty???

    awesome rocking chair 🙂

    your bunting looks real pretty 🙂

  2. hope your cats alright. Im so in love with that little rocking chair, soooo cute:)
    Have you ever tried accupunture? Im pretty scared of needles so im going to try the laser accupunture but if im gaim on the day my natropath said shel do one needle just so I can try it because its a bit better

  3. glendasikes

    The scarf you’re procrastinating on, why not frog that puppy & find a different scarf pattern that you’ll enjoy more? Cuz you know, “so many scarf patterns, so little time” ;-).

    That bunting is beautiful.

  4. Catherine McGuire

    I agree about the ribbing, that and stockingstitch jumpers just cry out to be done on a machine. Can’t waste valuable crafting time on pedestrian things like that when there are so many other exciting things to make.
    I love your embrodiery. They look gorgeous.

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