WHW diaper wrap practise knit

WHW diaper wrap

In an attempt to actually try something a little bit harder, just that teeny weeny step away from my boring love of easy things I knitted a WHW diaper wrap. I’ll likely use it on my baby one day but my main reason for knitting it now was to learn new things. For me that’s a pretty huge step. I don’t have much (any) patience for trying new things and risking failure. This wrap is easy peasy-ish: it’s knit flat on two needles and there’s only two ends to weave in. I ended up with one small hole where I tried to cheat and do plain m1 increases but the hole meant I had to use the proper m1f and m1b increases. But as usual all that fear of the unknown was totally unfounded and it turnd out to be a quick and fun knit after all.

(And the baby rattle is from here. I bought it a few years ago and the guy who makes them is 90 so if you like his stuff buy it quick.)


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3 responses to “WHW diaper wrap practise knit

  1. Jen

    wtg 🙂

    looks good I like the colours

    that nappy holder alternative pin thing
    I dont know what they call them
    I used them on my kids and they are one of the best things ever!!!

    nice looking rattle too 🙂

  2. How very cute!
    Im sorry to hear your also having trouble getting pregnant, it can be so hard but hopefully our future babies aren’t too far away, it will be worth all the hard times when were finally able to meet them:)
    I like that you make special things to tuck away ready for your babe, I colected some things when we first started trying but after a while I stopped because I thought it might seem wierd (its easy to get judgemental on ourselves when were struggling and un happy) I think I might make some tiny little clothes to put away for my one-day-hopefully-not-too-far-away-babe too:)

  3. So cute! It is a lovely knit. I would love to make one.

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