I was reminded a few days ago that it had been 10 days since my last blog entry and that perhaps I might like to think of replacing it with a new one…so in lieu of deeply interesting or enlightening words I will leave you with my personal favourite: pretty pictures. Life has been a wee bit of a struggle lately and May looks to be full of doctors appointments (and bills), some good and some bad, lots and lots of exercise (ahem, worst weight gain in a year at tonight’s weigh in) and plenty of soul soothing knitting and crochet (yay for new craft books in the mail!) . So I shall leave you with some eye candy (maybe I should just blog a topless photo of Matthew McConaughey?) while my needles clack furiously and I wait for a little peace.

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8 responses to “May

  1. Jen

    all the best for May
    like your pictures
    particularly Sadie, the cross stitch and the pink knitting

  2. Leslie

    Nothing wrong with pretty pictures! There is a lot of pleasure to be had in small things. When work is particularly vile I go to the library and get a huge pile of knitting/gardening/pretty picture books. Unfortunately last time I also got one on de-cluttering. ‘Forgot’ to read it and returned whole pile (17 books) ten days late= $65 fine. yes there WAS a chapter on procrastination- pity I didn’t fricken READ it. Although tattooing on my tender skin would have been more apt.
    Some days are diamonds, some days are stones!

  3. OOoo.. is that a “Pebbles” vest in the bottom right corner? That’s my new favorite pattern! 🙂

  4. bookwormbethie

    sorry to hear about your ups and downs, but don’t focus to much on your bit of weight gain, or beat yourself up about it. deal with it, move on, change things, and then lose that weight again! it’s all for the baby that you and dave will soon have! best of luck this month!

  5. Hey, goodest luck for the doctorial visits!! I weighed in with a gain over Easter, too … back into the regime this week …

  6. Wishing you peace and happiness. 🙂 I’ve decided to pick up my knitting needles again. It’s such a soothing pastime.

  7. Jen

    Nothing is better for soul soothing than knitting or crochet. If I go a few days without either I start to feel itchy and know I need a major knitting session to feel relaxed again!

  8. I love your collages of pretty pictures, we like lots of the same things. The pink knitting is gorgeous! Thanks for the advice about selling at markets, its great to hear from those that have some experience

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