Fat pants

I have had three pairs of jeans kicking around the laundry room for months now ever since I became too small for them. They were too ratty to donate but I felt bad about just throwing them out because it was just so much fabric to waste. I knew there had to be a use for them so they sat and waited for inspiration to hit. Finally a few days ago I had a brainwave – one of those “duh, how did I not think of it months ago?” ideas. And so two pairs of my fat pants became baby pants!

Fat pants to baby pants

The spotty hemmed ones are slightly longer – I forgot to remove the hem allowance to account for not folding the hem under. The pair with the patch was made from the same pattern but I modified it in the rise to fit a bulky cloth diaper and left off the hem allowance. They aren’t even close to being perfect but I am thrilled to have found a use for my old pants, cleared out space in the laundry, saved money on baby clothes (using only supplies I already had) AND had a really fun time making them. So many bonuses to come from one crafty/thrifty idea! Plus they will remind me one day when they cover some baby legs not to get that fat again!



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6 responses to “Fat pants

  1. Leslie

    Rather nice! For bubbas I like denim lined with soft flannelette or fleece for winter. I think you make two pairs the same and sew at the waist with right sides together then flip right side out and hem. Says armchair expert of Napier. Extra knee patches for crawlers too!

  2. http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/?p=213
    That’s a link to the very helpful tips on baby pants modifications you have to go check out. If it doesn’t work just go to sewmamasew.com and look under tutes. I’m happy for you and will keep you in my prayers. 🙂

  3. Jen

    very cool
    your going to have one very flash bub one day

  4. What a great idea. Making two pairs is smart, too, because with IVF you might end up with twins, or more ;-).

  5. So dinky, so cute. And all because you’ve lost all that weight – well done, you!!

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