Three weeks

That’s how long the yellow hat sat on the coffee table waiting for the magic fairies to come weave in the ends and sew it up. The lazy things never showed up though so I had to do it myself. Pffft. That’ll teach me to knit stripes which have approximatey one billion ends to weave in.

Pompom hats

Blocking would have improved its shape (also someone else knitting it would have improved its shape but oh well!) but it’s cute, it’s made for my future baby from it’s future mama (my first mama-made knit!) and well newborn babies don’t care what keeps their heads warm as long as it’s warm. So it’s a win. The blue one will be given to my old weight watchers walking partner who is due in June. And I will totally resist the urge to try photograph the yellow one on one of the cats in the meantime. Totally resistable. I haven’t put clothes on the cats for at least 5 months.


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6 responses to “Three weeks

  1. Jen

    LOVE them 🙂 very cute esp with the pom poms:)

  2. Very cute! I wish there really was a sew-the-ends-in fairy! I am making granny squares so I could seriously do with that fairy!

  3. Oooh!! Lemony!! Very nice …

  4. Leslie

    Hi, Steph. 🙂 Now I am NO expert but can’t you just carry the colours up the side and twist in the colour you’re not using every few rows- like a vertical version of weaving in the other colour in fair isle. No sewing in…

  5. bookwormbethie

    stop resisting, i’d luuuuurve to see the kitties in the pom pom hat!

    and congrats on your first future baby present for yourself!

  6. So cute. Well done. Did you make the pattern up as you went along or is it an online or commercial pattern? I’m a useless knitter and need simple (as in VERY simple) patterns and would love to try this for my grandson who is 6 months. If you’d like to share the pattern details I’d be most grateful. Love the pram too! How nice to find one in such good nick too.

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