It’s like they knew I was coming

I have had what can only be called a dream run of thrifting this year. The rest of my year is generally a suckfest but the thrifting is extra good. Other than the doll stroller and dolls cradle I showed recently you here’s the best finds so far this year:

The Wool Company Utiku 8ply

– The Wool Company Perendale Utiku 8ply, 3 200gm skeins in Desert. This is an old discontinued colour but I’m pretty sure I can find a use for it. I may have actually run into the store when I saw it in the window. It’s more chocolately in real life. You can spot a Weight Watchers member by their ability to compare anything to a food.


– Blocks. Lots of wooden blocks. Big ones and small ones and over a full shopping bag of them. A few have drawing on them which I’ll have to try remove but for $4 it’s a small issue.


– The cutest silliest adult sized mittens. Winter is pretty much here ( I have real issues with winter affecting my mood) and these have put a smile on my face. As soon as they dry from their trip through the washing machine I’ll be threading them through my sleeves every day when I head off for my walk.

A dolls crib

– A dolls crib – as if a stroller and cradle weren’t enough! Another painting project! Yay! It is filthy and in desperate need of paint (what the hell do kids do to their toys?) and then making a mattress, pillow and quilt (yay again!)

There have also been oodles of vintage and modern knitting patterns and craft books. And the exact circular knitting needles I searched everywhere for. And….well now I’m just bragging so I’ll stop. I must admit though….it might be time for a really deep declutter, my craft room is full!



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8 responses to “It’s like they knew I was coming

  1. Jen

    LOVE blocks šŸ™‚ and those mittens šŸ™‚

    I know that cot is just gonna be transformed šŸ™‚

  2. Blocks are great kids toys (boys and girls!) and the vintage dolls crib is so sweet!

  3. I thought of chocolate as soon as I saw that wool, too.
    Good score with those wee gems, there’s nothing like a real ‘find’ to brighten your day!

  4. Oh, lucky you! I bought some wood blocks at a yard sale, long before my kids were old enough to play with them, and I’m so glad I did. A good set, that’s new, is quite a hefty investment. The blocks get played with all the time now.

  5. What great finds šŸ™‚

  6. Lovely finds …..Oh do keep the drawing on the blocks! I love finding things that have been loved and played with ~ the dolls crib is gorgeous too.

  7. Leslie

    You do realise that if you do the NZ Octomum you are guaranteed eight BOYS by this little lot…LOL
    My little girl loves her vintage doll’s bed, just like this one. She tucks them all in- all just called “doll” though. ;0)

  8. yay! what amazing finds. I’m so jealous of those blocks, I’ve seen a few at the op shops but they have always been a bit more than I want to spend, but $4, what a steal. Lucky you

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