Doll stroller revamp

It took a while to finish painting itand then I had to handsew the seat onto the frame but it’s finally finished! The stroller was part of a $4 thrift haul (including fabric and 2 wooden bowls so it cost maybe $1), I used about $1.50 of paint and the fabric was a thrifted $3 brand new apron. Total cost approx $5.50 = you can’t go wrong with that. And it’s easily 10,000% cuter. I would like to replace the wheels at some stage but haven’t yet found wooden ones big enough.

Stroller before and after

Now I have to paint that sticker covered dolls cradle and also a dolls crib I got last week when I dropped into the thrift store on a whim. Not sure if I’ll get them done before winter hits and painting weather passes but there’s always dolls quilts to keep me busy. And there’s my knitted scarf which is only 1 inch long and no matter how many rows I knit it doesn’t seem to grow!


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7 responses to “Doll stroller revamp

  1. Wow, the stroller looks great! I love to do projects like that….so satisfying.

  2. Jen

    wow what a wonderful job
    LOVE it

  3. oh that is just way too cute! Rachaelxo

  4. GORGEOUS. I would easily pay $20 for that if I saw it at a market, maybe more. It looks great.

  5. Jo

    That looks fantastic! Well done. I recently made a new fabric seat bit for my kids’ stroller, but it’s just a plastic one and doesn’t look anywhere near as lovely as this. You sure are going to have a lucky bub one day 🙂

  6. Wow! amazing work! i love seeing recycled items – it is so inspiring!! now, i want to find one of those strollers. the thirft store gods have been shining upon you : )

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