Planning the nursery

No, I’m not pregnant, just an obsessive planner. We got our fertility treatment date this week! We will (dependent on successful sperm freezing later this year) begin IVF in January next year! JANUARY PEOPLE!!! Finally, after so.many.months. we have THE DATE. Fingers crossed I could be pregnant 12 months from now and a mama by Christmas 2012. My birthday is in April and a pregnancy would be the best present ever. EVER. After months of weight watchers (and many more to come) and walking in the rain and sneakers that look like Clydesdale hooves and blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds and doctors with expensive shoes I can finally plan for something. I like planning, I like knowing and this constant state of not knowing has been frustrating. But not any more! January, January, January, JANUARY!!!!!!! Winter, then spring, then Christmas then JANUARY! Never have I wanted my period so much as I will in January! JANUARY!!

Nursery Ideas

Suddenly I have the urge I thought I would never have – I want to make a quilt. Actually two of them – a cot(crib) one and a single bed one. What if I have twins? I’d get to make TWO of each! Oh the ideas suddenly flooding my brain. And blankets – a floor one, a cot one, a stroller one, a single bed one! Gah! Where the money for the supplies will come from I have no idea but hey, dreams are free at least. A sleep sack, scratch mitts, booties, soakers, a baby surprise jacket. And what theme will the nursery be? Yellow and grey? Vintage? Rainbow? Most likely a wierd mix of all three. I’m indecisive by nature and suddenly January is just too soon! JANUARY!!

(Yes I am being a little hasty – I know treatment might not work and I know there’s all the months of pregnancy to get through but I’m SO EXCITED to finally get a date and a little concerned about pregnancy related carpal tunnel and my iron levels making me super tired and frankly winter is about to start and I gotta do something to get me through my least loved season of the year so nobody remind me that I’m jumping the gun okay? It’s just my coping mechanism. Plus like I said I’m really indecisive so I won’t achieve half of what I plan to anyway. I just love making lists.) (P.S. JANUARY!!!)



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5 responses to “Planning the nursery

  1. Jen

    yaye and I will continue to pray for you both πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. It’s great you have a date, so happy for you. I think planning and anticipation are half of the fun in life. Roll on January!

  3. January is not far away at all!! Geez, this year especially, I feel like I turn my head and a month has already zoomed by.

    Planning & making lists are fun!! I’m happy to hear the happiness in your (typed) voice =).

  4. *doing a little happy dance for you*

  5. bookwormbethie

    congrats steph, i am so excited for you as i’m sure all your blog readers are. it’s been great to go along with you on this journey, i will hope for the best for you and dave!!!!

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