Deep breaths

This year has steadily gotten worse and after today I’m absolutely exhausted and it’s only 3 months into it. I won’t even begin to list the dramas but they are constant and expensive. I knew early on that this year was going to suck but I had no idea (thank goodness!) just how draining it would actually be. It’s really really forcing me to look for the positives – which is nice but doesn’t come naturally to me. So I think it’s time for a deep breath to ponder the positives of this rather trying year:

– I made scented playdough for the fair today. It didn’t sell well but sometimes people just don’t behave the way you want them to. And damn, it did smell good – that chocolate one in particular was very trying for this struggling weight watchers member! Thankfully it has salt in it so I won’t actually try eating it!

Scented playdough

– After nearly 2.5 years of not embroidering I was inspired by finding a nearly finished badbird design I started….a long time ago. I can’t wait to finish it and make it into a softie.

Waiting for me

– I got a letter from the fertility place about our appointment with good medical news. More progress which is good, now we just wait for that pesky funding and a date for treatment.

– I saw these on the thrift store counter when I was buying a book and needless to say I couldn’t resist. Sheepskin lined baby booties – winter is so close and I really am tempted to try make a pair in my size:


– Dave bought me a new desk from the thrift store today which is much more suited for my sewing room than my old one. We had to slot it into the car like a jigsaw puzzle which was….fun. I do love that man.

– I got to hold a sweet 2 year old girl last week. Oh my. Good thing she was too heavy to run off with! (bad joke!)


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4 responses to “Deep breaths

  1. Jen

    😦 second try

    LOVE the look of your play dough

    sori youve had a sucky start to the year
    praying for you both

    bless Dave

    keep looking at the positives girl 🙂

  2. ===It’s really really forcing me to look for the positives – which is nice but doesn’t come naturally to me. ===

    I hear ya on that one. For the past, oh, five or six years I’ve been consciously finding the positives in my life every single day. At the beginning, there was *a lot* of self-talk along the lines of: “Breathe. How can I get past this? What perspective can I take that is positive? What other good things are happening in my life?”. It sounds hokey, but over time I realized I was automatically doing that more and more often. It very definitely impacted me in a positive way several years ago when I was going through something that, during my negative-Glenda days, would’ve had me curled up in the fetal position unable to function for weeks or months.

    So I absolutely applaud you in making the effort to find the positives, even when it’s really, really hard to do so =). It’s kinda like fitness — if you keep on keepin’ on it becomes second-nature. And, like fitness, at a certain point you look back and realize how good it feels to be here instead of there!

    The sheepskin-lined baby booties are adorable — yes, you should make some in your size!!

  3. Leslie

    This always brings a smile to my face. Think of your beloved- and be glad you have one.

    Celia, Celia
    by Adrian Mitchell

    When I am sad and weary,
    When I think all hope has gone,
    When I walk along High Holborn
    I think of you with nothing on

  4. I’m sorry that this year has been such a trying one for you. That scented play dough looks like something I would love to buy at a craft fair. Too bad I’m not closer. ; )

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