Baby blue

The blue stripes became a baby hat with a pair of pompoms on the corners. They’re mostly to hide that one corner pokes up and the other doesn’t. But they also have the added benefit of increasing the cuteness significantly.

Baby hat

I had plans to knit 3 more before the craft fair next weekend but I’m just hoping to finish the matching pink one now – I am such a slow knitter. And of course life gets in the way too – the garage got burgled again and so we spent part of today putting up some incredibly redneck “anti-thieving bastards” modifications. I think we shaved at least $10,000 off the property value with that effort and there’s nothing of any value in the garage now other than the car anyway. Bastards. I now jump at any small noise and peek through the blinds like a paranoid nutter. They wrecked February for me and then they came back and ruined March too. Bastards. At least I make cute hats. That’s got to count for something.



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5 responses to “Baby blue

  1. Oh no!! About the burglars, I mean. Yay for hats with pompoms, though! Big yay.

  2. Beautiful even stitches in your knitting… well done!

  3. glendasikes

    Pompom cuteness!!

    Having your garage broken into twice absolutely is cause for being jumpy. Has that been happening while you’re gone during the day, or while you’re asleep at night?

  4. Jen

    LOVE the hat
    dont like the those burglers grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Leslie

    Hi, sent you a email- check your spam filters if it isn’t there. 🙂
    Nil carborundum illegitimae!

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