I don’t know if it’s the steady advance of autumn (aka pre-winter *sob*) but my mood has been pretty blue lately. It’s still quite warm but the clouds have rolled in more and more often and the rain is arriving. Rain is not my friend. However I have one thing that is guaranteed to cheer me up: our fertility referral appointment. The reason I lost 22.9kg (50lb). The reason I walked in the pouring rain and howling winds every day last winter. The reason I cry myself to sleep. Yep, that reason. It’s tomorrow!! It’s finally here. IT’S HERE!! Now after the appointment (as I understand it anyway) we will get a letter giving us the date we will start treatment. That date will be about one year away (guess how that makes me feel) but to be so close to finally getting THE DATE is huge progress.


I’ll most likely be knitting this in the waiting room tomorrow. I’m terrible at pairing colours (some bad fashion memories are springing to mind) but are these the most perfect combo of blues or what? I think they just might be.



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5 responses to “Blue

  1. Jen

    will be thinking of you both

    I like the colours you have chosen πŸ™‚

  2. I have to admit to season confusion with all the NH blogs I read. I’m enjoying the cooling weather with it’s frosty mornings, but will the first to wish for sun after the 27th straight day of rain in July πŸ™‚ I just wanted to share the colour combo I’m loving right now (and about to go dye some more of) but am eyeing up the yarn at, namely the vintage NZ DK in Wedgewood, Pewter, Porclain and Rosehip. I think it’s time to start on the girl afghan for my ‘glory box’. And I hope it all goes well for you both tomorrow.

  3. Leslie

    Nice colours. πŸ™‚ I’m fond of thinner stripes for bubbas- and irregular stripes too. But maybe that says more about ME as an irregular person.
    Best of ‘luck’ tomorrow- cos the luck has been great so far…
    Foul- tempered here. Sick of: job, messy house, fat gut, feeling poor, thick and snaky co-workers, spending $350 a week on groceries and still running out of food for the ravening horde, being tired, being middle-aged, BEING ME!
    Hope you feel better than that! At least now you have hope. (I toyed with calling my daughter Hope because I needed some.)
    Best wishes, happy dreams and all the best. L xx

  4. glendasikes

    Figuring in the time difference between here and there, I’m thinking you’ve already had your appointment today? I hope it went wonderfully!!

  5. I hope that your appointment went well. How exciting! My son used to have a sweater with those two blues in it, and I loved it. He grew out of it much too quickly. ; )

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