Dolls Cradle

When I go to a thrift store I usually pick up some cheap knitting needles or a vintage crochet pattern or something little to tuck in my bag. But there are times where you find an item so awesome, so perfectly what you wanted that you will do crazy things like drag it home on a bus, train and another bus (and a 10 minute walk at the end) just because…if you’re a thrifter you’ll know why I did it:


Totally worth it. I thrifted a dolls cradle in 2008 but I had no space to keep it. This time…it’s a keeper and I’ll make space if I have to! I’m going to remove the stickers, give it a sand and repaint it. The dolls stroller I got recently is waiting for the rest of the first coat of paint still but since summer is now decidedly gone I will need to finish both of these asap. It needs a new mattress and quilt made too, painting and sewing. Yay!


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4 responses to “Dolls Cradle

  1. Jen

    cool be neat to have another photo when youve got it the way you want it 🙂

  2. Oooo – what a cool find! If you’re having trouble removing stickers, there’s something called Citrosol that you can get at places like Mitre10 that will dissolve sticky stuff really well (take it from the primary school teacher who used double-sided tape to display things on her windows last year)

  3. very cute 🙂 Oh the things I’ve walked home with on the pram – hardly any room for my poor scrunched up kids.

  4. bookwormbethie

    beautiful, definitely worth the trouble of toting it home! do show us pics once you got it all spiffed up!

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