Ankle bells aka how to drive a parent bonkers

Ankle bells

At the Waldorf school fair last November I saw some ankle bells but they sold out before I could have a proper close up look at them. They were made with felt but before I could try making them I found this tutorial for knitted ankle bell cuffs from Mini-eco. For parents of young kids this blog is awesome. There are all sorts of ideas to keep your kids amused. Because I had just, finally, amazingly managed to learn to knit I jumped at the chance to use my newfound ability to make the knitted version. It takes very little yarn or time and I have plenty of both anyway. I chose to knit the bells in rather than tie them on at the end which was a new skill to learn although the larger bells on the toddler size droop slightly. For a baby I would definitely go for knitting them in but if your kiddo is no longer sticking everything in their mouth then tying them on would work.

I do apologise if anyone makes them and their child then proceeds to stamp and stomp and dance and drive poor Mama crazy from the tinkling. But they would be fantastic as a ‘special treat’ (you know what I mean: “poop in the potty then you can play with the bells for the afternoon”, that sort of thing) or to help baby build these leg muscles.


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4 responses to “Ankle bells aka how to drive a parent bonkers

  1. Ha ha ,cute, but I am glad my kids are older now! I can just see a young baby playing with its feet and loving the noise!

  2. PS if I am adding beads to a yarny project, I have a REALLY fine crochet hook( 0.65mm I think) and I just take the loop off the knitting needle and use the hook to get the bead(/bell) on. But that is because I am not organised enough to thread them on the yarn beforehand!

  3. Crystal

    I think they are darling! But I am one of those crazy moms that it wouldn’t bother at all but might drive everyone around us crazy!

    For some reason the links you posted are not pulling up for me. Would you mind posting the name of the website so I can google it?

  4. Crystal

    Nevermind. I went back and reread your post and saw the name. Duh, sorry!

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