Words aren’t enough

Most of you have heard of the enormous earthquake that struck Christchurch, here in New Zealand. They were just recovering from one that hit them in September and the damage to already weakened buildings has been catastrophic. The news footage is like something you’d see in Haiti or on September 11th, not New Zealand. Many people, us included, have family down there and they are fine thankfully. It made me hug Dave and the furbabies a little tighter yesterday. The death toll is climbing and the stories are heartbreaking.

And then we woke this morning to find our garage had been broken into and burgled. They took a handful of electronic things that make Dave’s life more enjoyable. They rummaged through everything. They’ve absolutely terrified me. Burglary is my number one terror. And our insurance, which is due in a few weeks and we’ll struggle to pay anyway, will now most likely go up. Plus they stole one of my gardening gloves. I mean really, disk drives and an mp3 player weren’t enough? Bastards. Just…bastards. How am I going to prune the fuchsia bushes now?



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8 responses to “Words aren’t enough

  1. I’ve seen the aftermath of the earthquake on the television and it is absolutely devastating ~ but I’m so glad that your families are ok though. It is also dreadful news about your burglary ~ there are so many horrible people around in the world today and I don’t think that the B word is strong enough for them either! Take care ~ Jackie :O)x

  2. Oh Steph, I’m so sorry. Yes, the news footage I’ve been watching is so sad. I’ve thought of you a lot the past couple of days. That’s terrible about the burglary too. How scary! I’m glad that you were safe.

  3. Jen

    thank goodness your family are ok

    and thumbs down to those robbers
    Im so sori this happened to the 2 of you

  4. Oh Steph! So happy to hear that you and your loved ones are safe. You’ve been through so much – take care of yourself.

  5. glendasikes

    I’m glad your family in Christchurch are okay, Steph.

    So sorry to hear about your garage being burgled =(. That kind of thing can sure shake up a person’s sense of safety.

  6. Leslie

    Hi, Steph. I hate burglary. It feels so personal and I’m sorry you feel scared. Time for the COLD comfort. They didn’t target you and Dave- they targeted a shed they could get into, and they weren’t after your personal stuff- just things they can turn in to money, or it may have been kids who kept the electronics. Anyway, new locks – and don’t keep the highly portable goodies out there. Put a curtain on the garage window. When you get replacements don’t put the boxes on the pavement for recycling. Make it hard for them and they’ll pick the easier target. I’m afraid I do know a fair bit about burglars as I work with them. I always give them a hard time and ask what they think about the victims- they usually say, “I try not to think of them” or “it’s not personal!”. Except to the victims of course.
    However, like me, you get to sleep (badly) in your own warm bed tonight. The Christchurch earthquake seems unreal. Bless them. Let’s be grateful for small mercies. Take care of you (and Dave), Leslie x

  7. bookwormbethie

    i’ll be thinking about your and your family. glad y’all are safe.

  8. Oh dear, I’m sorry about the all the bad news. Feel better soon, won’t you?

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