A Heart of Stone

Dave doesn’t buy me flowers or soft toys and isn’t particularly romantic. With a dozen roses costing up to $200 this coming Valentines Day I would be furious if he did. I mean think of all the yarn I could buy for that! Not to mention food, power or insurance! But that makes the romantic gesures mean so much more – they are rare and very thoughtful. He went to the beach with ‘the guys’ and he came home with some loofahs for Steph’s feet (useful things are twice as romantic as flowers nowadays) and a little heartshaped stone. I think I will treasure that stone forever.

Heart shaped stone



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4 responses to “A Heart of Stone

  1. Jen

    oh bless that man of yours

  2. That heart shaped stone is so sweet.

  3. bookwormbethie

    that is such a sweet and romantic thing to do! sweet to know that even when out with the boys, he had you on his mind

    btw, my hubby always knows not to get me flowers, the floral scent drives my allergies crazy!

  4. eva

    I hope you and your Family are all well. please stay safe!

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