Getting knitty with it

I’m uploading photos for ravelry so I thought I’d share them here – just to show (myself as much as you) that I have been doing something despite feeling lazy. Oh and I have the mother of all lucky crafty thrift scores to brag about show you.

This yarn started as a scarf. I tried to make it into a scarf 4 times. Different stitches, different needle sizes. It refused to be a scarf. But it doesn’t seem to mind becoming a simple doll blanket. Just big enough to go in a dolls crib.

Doll quilt in progress

A very basic headband to keep the constant wind off my hair. I’m tired of looking like a banshee after a walk.

ribbed headband

Burp cloths for the baby basket. The green one striped up so awesome but it is a little short, I just decided on a whim to use up the end of that ball of cotton:

Burp cloths for ravelry

My thrift score….

Thrift score

I found 2 balls of Inca (12 ply) in a yarn store end of line basket for $3.50 a ball (usually retails for $8) and felt rather thrifty. Until I found 15 balls for $13.50 in a thrift store. Same dye lot as the other two balls even. I’ve never had more than 2 balls of any one yarn in the same colour before so 17 really gets the creative juices flowing. I’m thinking a basketweave scarf for starters – the yarn is soooo soft. Then a cushion cover would be extra luxurious. Oh inspiration who know I’d have to pay $13.50 to find you?


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8 responses to “Getting knitty with it

  1. Awesome thrift find! And I love all the knitting you’ve been doing. The burp clothes are a great idea. I finally did my first completed knit garment (I’m usually a crocheter) and I loved the pattern so much I’ve knocked out a few more. So now I’ve got a stack of Pebbles on hand to divy up between the FOUR pregnant friends I have. It’s a great one-skien project.

  2. Jen

    happy knitting and i really like that headband

  3. Leslie

    Does your parade need rained on? Here I am! LOL. Playing devil’s advocate but with a decent amount of the one wool…I would be looking for a project to take advantage of the majority of it as you don’t luck in to a big stash very often. You have enough to make a little jacket for a toddler perhaps… Check out some of the gorgeous books by Debbie Bliss etc in the library. I can see a jacket with a big collar or a hood, big buttons and maybe some aran bobbles or cables down the front. My mind’s eye is a CROWDED place!
    And I have an enormous stash of “wool too nice to use”. So maybe not the role model here… ;0)

  4. glendasikes

    Cute knitties; nice thriftstore score!

  5. Nikidy

    I have to second the call for something big with a full lot of same dyelot(!!) wool – with that much you could make a cardigan for *you*! And that’s certainly not a price you’ll be able to repeat for that quantity.
    I vote have a look around, you should be able to see how much yardage you need for various things – maybe something to keep yourself warm, even a blanket? 🙂

  6. Leslie

    Only reason I’m not convinced you’ll get something for yourself is the yardage is not huge on a 12-ply. Plus…is beige your colour?… I look like I’ve been dead for three weeks in those ‘subtle’ hues… ;0)

  7. lost your email, but in reply to the comment about the ereader, yes, most of them can read PDF files and the sony reader I have also reads .doc files, so it is great for knitting patterns. That was really the tipping point for me because I go through so much ink printing patterns that I figured the reader will have paid for itself within the year based on the cost of ink alone!

  8. That purple yarn is wicked,
    Bet it will make a blanket that any doll would be jealous of! =)

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