Thanks to the edge of two merging tropical cyclones crossing the country it is officially a bajllion degrees. At least. So while I find a breeze to sit (out of the sudden pouring rain) and read (out here in the garage in here’s a few snippets:

– I found this rather faded, ugly dolls pram (with big potential) at the local tip shop. Look for the makeover soon:

Thrifty find

– I started part 2 of babysitting today. 5 days over 2 weeks left to go. I made this yesterday for when I run out of all other ideas. And I will….

Magnetic fishing game

(but he assured me that 5 year olds are NOT too old for playdough. Whew.)

– My stitch markers came! Bought from here. I have several projects to make on circular needles and now I have these I have no excuses not to start them. Except being a chicken.

Stitch markers



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11 responses to “Snippets

  1. Oh I hear you on the bajillion degrees! It’s the humidity that does me in! Your doll’s pram is a sweet find, can’t wait to see the finished article!

  2. I love those stitch markers! Don’t be afraid of circular knitting. Once you get going in the right direction it is easier than knitting flat, really!

  3. Dawn/Wolfmom2ac

    If I had known you wanted stitch markers, I could have made you some for nothing! When you run out let me know!! Love the doll pram! Can’t wait to see it redone!

  4. Jen

    my 5 year old played with play dough today – he requested it 🙂

  5. I love the stroller, how cute. The fish look adorable too. Stay cool…xx

  6. glendasikes

    Have fun fishing!

    Playdough is fine for ANY age ;-). If you can get your hands on some of the stuff that air-dries (ex: Crayola’s Air-Dry Clay), that’s pretty fun too. The Crayola stuff can be painted after it’s dry. There are other products that aren’t clay but are easily moldable, come in colors, and air dry, and are super light-weight after dry. (Rats, the name of the product’s not coming to mind at the moment.) We still have a bowl and a pretend cellphone Andrew made with that stuff 6 or 7 years ago!

    If you’re still looking for stuff-to-do ideas, you can do a bazillion things with boxes!! If you can get your mitts on a big ole appliance box, those are a blast. But smaller boxes are fun, too.

  7. Cute fish. Super cute stitch markers!

  8. Leslie

    30-odd degrees here. Scorchio! No-one can sleep and the house is a bomb-site with the children trapped inside because it’s too hot to let them out. The boys are feral and my little lamb is being slightly troll-like… Hard to remember we were cold not long ago. Most children LOVE some kind of water-play. Get him to ‘clean’ or water something for you- car, windows, stones, anything.

  9. anna

    cute stitch markers, i always love the look of the fancy ones, but always seem to end up using the twist ties from freezer bags!

    circular and/or dpns are easy, its just the thought of them that’s daunting. yay for youtube and lovely yarn shops with lovely helpful staff i say!!(michelle from mishi yarns in auckland has taught me heaps in a very short space of time :-0)

  10. take it from an even bigger chicken – circular needles are fun to use and so much easier then you expect. and the best thing about knitting is that if it doesn’t work out you can frog it and start again – wool is very forgiving 😉

  11. Keep going with the circs! The first few rows are the hardest, but then it will be smooth sailing and before you know it you’ll be converting everything into knit in the round patterns. 🙂
    What a wonderful stroller! I spent $55 on mine, new from!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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