Knitted Bunny

Knitted Bunny

After seeing Hanna and Melissa‘s sweet bunnies I just had to make one. It was the perfect pick up and put down project – it’s just an 8 inch square. I’d fire off a row or two whenever the lazyboy was free (which is basically….never thanks to the cat) and I’d just rock and knit for a few minutes. Call me a nana but it was bliss. The pattern is from the Waldorf book Creative Play for your Baby (or Toddler, I forget which one) but there is a similar free pattern here which has great instructions.



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9 responses to “Knitted Bunny

  1. glendasikes

    Very sweet =).

    I love how knitting has taken ahold of you!! Looking at the last two posts, you’d have no idea that the person who made those is a newbie knitter. That’s pretty cool. I’m so happy that you’re rocking along with the knitting!

  2. glendasikes

    Hey! I just noticed your embroidered blog banner!! I like it =). I need to do that, myself.

  3. SO adorable! It’s hard to believe it’s just a square.

  4. love your new banner! I too saw the bunnies on those other lovely blogs, and now yours, it’s enough to get me to try that knitting thing again.

  5. Your knitting skills are really taking off! That’s such a cute little bunny. I like the color you used.

  6. Hello! You have made wonderful bunny! I think I would like to have one, too… but today I have some birds to make…
    Sunny wishes from Crete!

  7. Leslie

    Plus frighteningly, my three all love the tip-shop. I wonder exactly where the gene for scavenging is located?! LOL

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