Planning for winter

Now I’m familiar with knitting needles as something to knit with rather than throw across the room in frustration I’ve dared to queue a few knitting projects on my Ravelry for the coming winter – a hot water bottle cozy, neckwarmer and a baby vest (for shaping practise). I dug through my stash and found a couple of balls of my very favourite merino wool Naturally Harmony. A quick trip to a local yarn store to buy another 5 skeins of it and I’m happy in the knowledge that I can sit and knit as summer ends and the seasons change in a couple of months. I’m a very slow knitter and so I can only hope at this point that I will finish one, maybe two projects before the end of winter. The baby vest might end up being a Spring project. I also have plans to knit my beloved a winter hat – with bulky yarn so he gets it this winter obviously.

Preparing for winter

While I’m happy that I managed to get all the balls of my favourite yarn today I am absolutely gutted that the manager of the LYS has decided, despite it selling well, to stop stocking it. I have 19 balls, skeins, part used balls plus a few tiny little scrap size balls of it. I use it almost exclusively other than the yarn I use on my ripple blanket. One branch of Knit World does’t stock it anymore already, the city branch won’t soon either. There is only one other yarn shop locally which I have not yet been to and if they turn out not to stock it I’ll be forced to try find a new favourite yarn. This makes me more determined than ever to open my own yarn store. Mid 2012 if I am very lucky I will open it. I’ll tell you more about the plans for the coming year and the planning for my own LYS next time. I’ll tell you one thing now – you can be bloody sure I’ll stock my favourite yarn. Not just because it’s my favourite but because it’s local, so so soft and just…lovely. If nobody else buys it I’ll buy it all!



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5 responses to “Planning for winter

  1. Jen

    all the best with your plans to open a yarn shop

  2. I love the idea of a wool shop – so nice to look at all that wool all day, and to talk about wool, and to have the time and space to try out making those crazy-complex baby cardies they usually have in wool shops.

  3. That’s my all-time fave yarn too- but at $9 something a skein I’ve only ever been able to buy enough for two baby singlets!

  4. I love this yarn too, so much but I haven’t knit anything with it yet, I just keep wanting to pat and cuddle it. Good luck with opening your very own yarn store, I will love planning a special visit 🙂

  5. Leslie

    Happy New Year! Love to hear about your Christmas…

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