Finish or frog

I’ve got that end of year panic to finish as much as I possibly can before the new year arrives. It’s totally impossible, I can’t possibly do it in time but damn it, I’m gonna do what I can. I’m trying to bite the bullet and decide which projects I finish and which ones I frog (for non-yarn people to frog means to rip it. Say it like a frog would…get it?).


The ripple is a very long term project but it’s slowly growing and even getting a bit too big to take out and about now. I can’t wait it to be finished and I finally settles on the final colours which means I’ve now been able to begin the repeat rows. Although I’m so slow you may see this in next Decembers end of year panic.


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9 responses to “Finish or frog

  1. It’s really stunning. I love the color choices. I might have missed it but have you posted which yarn/colors you’re using?

  2. Of course, this is a FINISH! Beautiful pattern and yarn colors — it must be very cheerful to work on. Happy New Year!

  3. Jen

    it is lovely!!!!

    Happy 2011 to you and Dave

  4. Wow I love this! I just knit a rainbow shawl this summer and it makes me happy every time I wear it. Good luck finishing this big project.

  5. glendasikes

    I *love* the ripple. I will learn crochet one day so I can make (1) a ripple blanket and (2) amigurumi.

  6. I really love this. Rainbows make me smile. Can’t wait to see finished!

  7. Dont frog it! The colours are so gorgeous!

  8. FINISH!!! This yarn is BEAUTIFUL and I would love to see it grow!

  9. Are you using a pattern that you can share or share the source. I love this!
    Bmoore_mamabee (at) hotmail (dot) com
    I should be clickable. Thanks, Beth

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