Salt dough ornaments

First things first – last night I officially lost exactly 20 kilos! It took me seven months (and three days) which is pretty damn good. I have 1.7kg to lose by February 4th to get my fertility treatment referral and after a couple of good losses this month I feel relly confident that I can totally do it! It means I can’t gain a gram over Christmas (gulp!) if I want to brag that I lost 20kg in 2010 but I love a challenge.

Salt dough ornaments

So…salt dough ornaments. I never made these before, not even as a child so I really didn’t know about them but they saved my sanity this week. That boy does not switch off. Ever. We baked them yesterday using this recipe and other than the hanging holes shrinking a little during baking them came out perfectly. Some were thick and some thin but they all cooked evenly. It’s a brilliant kids craft and really quick to throw together. Three ingredients and there’s a rolling pin to keep the kiddo excited. Today we painted them in PVA glue and sprinkled them with glitter. It was either that or paint….no contest! The glitter came in little shaker top bottles (which I highly recommend for younger kids!) from the $2 shop and the PVA was from my craft room. He really enjoyed picking which colours to sprinkle on each ornament. I carved his inital and the year in a couple of the ornaments in the hope they may be used on his family tree every year. I threaded them all with string (Dave took him outside while I did it – I love that man!) and he took them home in a box. I feel like it was a good 3 days when he was able to take a finished project home with him. Even if my cat will have sparkly poop this week. Festive!

How to entertain a child: act like one.

How to entertain a 5 year old



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4 responses to “Salt dough ornaments

  1. MiA

    Stopping by to wish you a very merry xmas!!
    Hugs from Sweden.

  2. Well done with your weight loss. I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile now and would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011. From a fellow Kiwi blogger/crafter.

  3. Glenda

    I’ve never made salt dough ornaments, so I bookmarked that as something my kiddo and I might like to do one day (not necessarily for Christmas).

    WTG on the weight loss!! If you *do* gain a gram over Christmas, you’ll have a whole week to drop it ;-).

    Sparkly cat poop — that’s funny! Guess it’d make litter box cleaning more interesting =).

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