My first finished knit item

It was a long time coming. The scarf got frogged. There were size issues. The garter stitch dishcloth got boring  and became the learn to purl dishcloth. Which 3/4 of the way in got an unfixable mistake on it – well not one a newbie like me could fix. So that got frogged. That was when the frustration at not finishing something kicked in. There were tears. Yes, needles got thrown too. Repeatedly. I had to put myself into time out to calm down. But all that practise paid off. I redid yesterday what it had previously taken me 4 days to knit. Which cheered me up hugely!

My first knitted item

So here it is – the thing that nearly drove me loopy this weekend. No mistakes, just a few loose stitches. I bound off too tightly and it’s slightly wonky which all first knitted items should be and it still needs to be blocked. I’m going to have to gift it to my mother because I know I will never be able to bring myself to use it. I want to frame this sucker and show it to everyone who visits my house, I am just that proud of myself. Finally I can say it. I’m a knitter!


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8 responses to “My first finished knit item

  1. Congratulations! It looks great!

  2. Well done! I understand all too well, that frustration that comes with learning. I used to knit so tight that I couldn’t get the stitched off the needles.

  3. Framing it would be perfect. Congrats!

  4. Jen

    wtg my friend

    playing catch up
    at internet cafe
    computers still sick 😦

  5. photojenic

    You should check out our Knooking group at Ravelry. There you will learn to make real knit stitches *with* your crochet hook! We have a wonderful group of knitters and crocheters helping each other figure out this fun way to knit. 🙂

  6. bookwormbethie

    it’s lovely! and i love those shades of green! i can knit and purl but have no idea how to fixie my mistakes, bravo to you for figuring it out!

  7. Wow! Your first knitted piece looks great! Congratulations! I’ve also started to learn how to knitting recently but not yet finished my first stuff! 🙂

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