Recent faves

AKA I don’t have anything new to talk about. Well I could talk your ear off about my knitting if you wanted…I really don’t think you want to get me started.

Recent faves

My scarf is growing steadily and will be finished soon. In true Steph impatience I have two other projects on the needles already and am impatient to finish the scarf so I can learn to purl. I’m brimming with ideas and inspiration which I haven’t had for a while. Part of it is just the fact that it is December of course. I love this month. Summer, Christmas (I enjoy the seasonal feeling if perhaps not the day spent with family quite so much), there’s so much inspiring colour around lately – wool shades, flowers, fabric. I’ve ben daydreaming about my yarn store plans and thinking of the business courses I hope to take next year. I’m looking after a little boy for a few days before Christmas which has me brimming with ideas for things to do. I’m craving cake although a double chocolate muffin would be acceptable too. I’ve now lost 18.2kg (exactly 40lb) and just bought smaller jeans. A smoking hot size 16 (US size 14) down from a tight size 20. Rock ON!! My weight loss has screeched to a halt but even I get giddy at how far I have come. *sigh* I really do like December and this one just has so much potential.



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5 responses to “Recent faves

  1. glendasikes

    I love listening to (reading about) your enthusiasm about knitting =). You have me thinking that maybe, just maybe, *my* fingers will “get it” if I don’t give up.

    How old is the little boy you’ll be hanging out with? As a mom, having a little boy was exhausting — I thought the day would never come when I’d get enough sleep, or have time to craft or read. But, as happens, the years have zoomed by and my 12yo needs much less of my time and I have oodles of time to sleep and craft and read . . . and I find that sometimes I miss the kind of play that happens with a younger boy, and I understand why my mom enjoys being a grandma. How fun that you are already brimming with ideas of things to do!!

    40 pounds is so awesome, as is your new jeans size (same size I wear!). My weight loss has screeched to a halt too, but that’s okay for the holiday season. This time last year I was in the process of eating-on an unnecessary additional 15 pounds, so having lost that and not gained it back is not something I’m gonna complain about ;-).

    It made me smile to read these words: “this one just has so much potential”.

  2. What a cute collage! You have every right to be proud of the weight loss! That’s fantastic!

  3. Leslie

    Fan-bloody-tastic! I wore this winter’s jeans today and will have to put them on Trademe- just TOO loose. Flounce, flounce. ;0)
    I recommend the park- boys like to move it move it.

    L x

  4. bookwormbethie

    glad to hear you are giddy with knitting dreams and projects. it’s nice that something crafty can be us so muc contentment and joy.

    have fun watching that little boy. we babysat on occassion for our friend’s toddler, and wow, he was exhausting, it was fun, but exhausting!

    and congrats on your weight loss! slow and steady wins the race!

  5. Heh. Your page has dandruff!
    On a side note: your weightloss is incredible. The high that losing weight seems to bring is such a wonderful feeling ,huh? No longer having to squeeze into things.. ahh I’m slightly envious.
    Also, keep at it with the knitting. As much as frogging things can feel a little like someone dismantling hours and hours of your life, it is also sometimes nice to start a fresh. Each row you knit will get better and better too, so redoing it is a good thing in the long run : )

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