Eating my words

Finding my bliss

I may have to eat my words. Now it’s clicked for me I suddenly get it. I understand. Knitting is suddenly the meditative relaxing activity I swore blind that it couldn’t possibly be. Admittedly I’m still doing my garter stitch scarf and don’t know how to purl. I want to finish the scarf and get it out of the way so I know it’s all ready to wear next winter when I have to walk on those miserable wet days then I will learn to purl. So that will come and with it will come the challenge of learning something new, the struggle of getting it wrong before I get it right and the adventure of learning from my mistakes. But for now it’s incredibly meditative to pick up my scarf and do a few rows here and there as I find a few free minutes. I hope that eventually purling and fancy things like shaping will become as meditative and relaxing to me and I’m sure with practice they will. I humbly admit I was wrong about knitting – I just may have found my bliss.



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4 responses to “Eating my words

  1. Yay! That’s how it worked for me to. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slow and enjoying the process. : )

  2. Jen

    yaye wtg 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve just rediscovered my knitting mojo – hurrah!! And hurrah for you and your new mojo!!

  4. yay! I knew you’d get it, and so soon too!

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