Knitting progress

As knitting progress goes for me this is huge. Huge. HUGE. Eleven rows of knitting.

My first knitting

Eleven rows and only one stuff up. I’ve never ever managed more than 4 rows before and you would not believe how obsessively over excited this milestone makes me – because it was suddenly (kind of) easy. It’s going to be a scarf – wool and angora means it can’t get wet so it’s wildly impractical in an actual Wellington winter (aka the rainy season) but it’s soooo squishy and soft I don’t care! I took the advice in Stitch n’ Bitch (a must own book for learners) and cast on over both needles held together. It means the first rows have a huge gap between them but with my tight tension this is the only way I can get started so far. And as for knitting success – we’ll see how much luck I have when I go to try cotton which doesn’t have that forgiving stretch wool does. BUT I’m knitting, I have been knitting easily and semi-smoothly and I’m almost tempted to try increasing or purling. The yarn cost $34 though so I think I’ll just finish my scarf (and it’s pretty slow going) then take the next step. It’s taken me nearly 32 years of my life to get this far, I think I can wait a while to try the next step in the knitting adventure.


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7 responses to “Knitting progress

  1. Jen


    my mother taught me to knit when i was a child
    but i never really got into it

  2. good for you, not my thing, hate having my hands curled around the needles, feels yukky! Rachaelxo

  3. Wow – well done! I’m attempting to teach myself to crochet at the moment so can only imagine your sense of achievement! :S

  4. bookwormbethie

    congrats! have you checked out the free videos on i wouldn’t mind knitting if i knew how to fixie my mistakes….

  5. Wow, your knitting is looking great! Congratulations! I really like the yarn you chose.

    You could also try casting on the stitches on a needle a couple sizes larger and then knit with the size needles you intend to use. That would would help with the tension but your cast on stitches would be quite so large as with using two needles. I had really tight cast on stitches for at least the first year that I was knitting!

    By the way, I love Stitch & Bitch. It totally helped me out when I first started knitting.

  6. stitch by stitch by stitch, I only started knitting again (knitted a little bit as a kid) a little while ago, but I’m already starting to feel relaxed and flowing about it – if that makes sense 🙂 I find it so therapeutic, I like to knit in the evenings when I’m kind of watching the tv, it’s my way of winding down. I’m pretty slow still, but stitch by stitch, a few rows every night and before you know it you have a finished something – and it’s a such a great feeling.

  7. Leslie

    Now there’s just the dreaded purl…
    I wrote you a big thoughtful email but lost it when the loaner computer, to replace my dead computer, died. Hope all is going well.
    Leslie, the computer killer…

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