tacky treasure

I have an enormous soft spot for tacky things. Not the tacky things like say…Dave’s mothers ornaments. I wish the cats would knock them over and break them but anyway….I like those really hideous things that pop up at thrift stores sometimes and make you do a double take. The jif (cream cleaner) bottle made into a golly doll – I still regret not buying that. But sometimes I find that there are things too tacky for even me to buy. Who would have thought it? This beauty however I had to buy. Frankly I want to frame it, I love it that much.

Hmmm think Jim, think.


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4 responses to “tacky treasure

  1. Now that is simply awesome. I would have bought it too.

  2. Leslie

    When men were REAL men… at least the big boy isn’t wearing half-mast jeans- or trackies with builder’s crack- and a tee-shirt with an offensive message. This would have extra nice in the nylon version…

    Bert tries to think of a three-letter word for ‘adipose’ while Ron ponders whether the glass is half-full, half-empty or Ron ate it…

  3. I was thinking more along the lines of – 2 down pirate’s crest – jolly —- ?
    Must dash and wash my mind out.

  4. bookwormbethie

    love this! i’d frame it too!!!!!!

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