I am a bit wiped out this week and it’s only Tuesday. Last week was emotionally draining and the weekend wasn’t the break it should have been. So here’s just a little bit of happycute mail I got last week – my purchase from Rhiannon‘s felt shop Croutons (because her big label is Toast. Cute right?). There’s nothing like a bit of adorable mail to make you smile:


Now I’m off to try again at knitting. That’s more uglyviolent than happycute but I’m persevering. With a side helping of swearing. People swear knitting is relaxing and I am determined to make it to that point. Right now I just want to take those two pointy sticks and hurl them at those people for lying to me.


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8 responses to “Happycute

  1. Dawn/Wolfmom2ac

    Darling i know the feeling about wanting to throw pointy things at people! I don’t knit but I do crochet and right now I to am having issues with it! Love the cute horse! That would make me smile too! Consider yourself hugged by me and keep smiling!

  2. glendasikes

    Cute horse =).

    My fingers didn’t like knitting, in spite of trying multiple times. Embroidery *is* relaxing for me, however, so I decided to embrace the happiness and leave the knitting to those who actually enjoy it! I’ve heard some knitters complain that embroidery is hard and frustrating for them, so that makes me feel a little better ;-).

  3. roimata

    Are you learning continental style? You might find that easier than English style since you’re a crochet-er…

  4. Jen

    take cover Dave lol

    practice practice practice my dear friend
    hopefully youll get there in the end

  5. Leslie

    You can do it, Steph! I taught myself from a book many moons when I was an underemployed teenager. Now crochet I have NEVER understood…
    How’s the weight loss too?

  6. You’ll get it! It does feel ridiculously awkward and terrible and frustrating at first. It feels like you’ll hands will never get it and this is just not for you and you are doomed to fail.

    It takes lots of practice, hours and hours of practice. Knitting is slow anyway, and when you are starting out it does feel impossible.

  7. So, so glad you like the horse, and thank you for the plug : )
    Knitting is a funny one for me. I can do it, but I don’t do too much of it because, by golly, it takes me a loooong time and it most definitely isn’t relaxing unless I’m knitting something completely brainless like a scarf etc (which kind of defeats the point for me, I want to knit baby clothes and that’s all!). I envy women who have the skill, and patience, to knit huge projects like cardis for themselves!

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